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Drip Emitters

2 GPH PC Dripper
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Code: EMMB222

Drip Emitters

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Dripper has 1/4" barb inlet and outlet. Can be inserted into B38 1/4" microtube or 1/2" poly tube.

Dig pressure compensating drippers have built-in diaphragms that react to pressure, assuring equal flow. Their vibration during operation prevents clogging.

Pressure compensating drippers also allow for longer runs, up to 510 feet at 4 foot spacing with 45 PSI.

Each dripper allows the same flow between 10 and 55 PSI. Use for trees, shrubs and flowerbeds. Ideal for medium soils - flat ground, hillsides and uneven terrain.

Pressure compensating drippers are our most advanced drippers. Available in flow rates of 1, 2 and 4 GPH, they allow long runs with equal flow from each dripper at any pressure between 10 and 55 psi. They are self-cleaning and utilize a silicone diaphragm which moves up and down to control the flow as pressure fluctuates. They are designed for long life under the harshest conditions and are ideal to use in any design when attention to the number of drippers and flow capacity of the drip line are not followed very carefully.


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