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Drip Fittings

Drip Soaker Tape Reducer
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Code: ST13

Drip Fittings


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1/4" barb X drip soaker tape. Use to connect drip soaker tape to any 1/2" poly tubing.
The tape reducer allows you to feed a line of drip soaker tape from a 1/2" poly tube main line. After laying out your 1/2" tube along the perimeter of the area you want to water, use the punch tool to make a hole in the location where you want each line of drip soaker tape. Attach the tape to the large end of the reducer per the instructions below and insert the barbed end of the reducer into the 1/2 poly tube.

Thread ring in
Slide tape over barb
Thread ring back to secure
Insert barbed end into poly tubing

Operating Pressure: 25 PSI


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