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Garden Drip Kits

Drip & Microsprinkler Kit
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Code: KITGE200

Garden Drip kit


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The ultimate micro irrigation kit for groundcover, flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, roses, vines, hillsides and vegetable gardens. An "all-in-one" system using pressure compensating drippers and microsprayers for precise watering.

The Dig Drip and Microsprinkler system is an excellent solution for many irrigation needs and is easily modified as yor landscape grows and changes.

The system includes a variety of the Dig's most versatile products including drip and microsprinkler components that allow you flexibility and provide the benefits of a water conserving irrigation system.

Features and Benefits

Contains everything you need to water up to 700 square feet
Conserves water
Easy operation and maintenance
Improves erosion control
Grows healthier plants
No more hand watering
No tools or glue required
All parts are made from quality material and contain UV inhibitors to ensure long life
Saves time and labor
Existing Garden:

An above ground installation of drip line, perhaps covered wiht mulch, alleviates the need to dig a trench and potentially damage existing plant roots.

New Landscape:

Drip irrigation is ideal for new areas where plants with similar water requirements may be grouped together.


Helps young seedlings and plants germinate and grow properly. The finer droplets allow the soil to absorb the water and for air to remain in the soil without drowning young plants.


The flow rates of drip irrigation and microsprinklers allow the slopes to be planted without fear of runoff and erosion.

Odd Shaped Areas:

Combine different patterns of microsprinklers and drip emitters to provide flexible coverage of oddly shaped areas.

Box contains:

1-3/4" FHT X 3/4" MPT Backflow Preventer
1-3/4" FHT X 3/4" MPT Pressure Regulator
1-3/4" Swivel Adapter w/screen
200' 1/2" X Tubing .600 ID x .700 OD
50' 1/4" X microtubing
1-1/2" Connector
4-1/2" Tees
4-1/2" Elbows
4-90 Deg. Spray Jets
4-180Deg. Spray Jets
3-360 Deg. Spray Jets
11-Universal Spike Assembly w/24" Microtube & Barb
20-1 GPH Pressure Compensating Drippers
10-1/4" barbed tees
12-1/4" barbed connectors
20-1/4" tubing holder stakes
10-Goof Plugs
1-1/4" Hole Punch
10-1/2" Tubing Holder Stakes
4-Figure "8" Hose Ends
1-Planning & Installation Guide

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