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Garden Drip Kits

Drip Soaker Vegetable Watering Kit
Price: $20.99

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Garden Drip kit

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The Vegetable Drip Soaker Tape kit provides plants with an optimal water supply along with proper aeration to maximize the plants growth. Vegetable Drip Soaker Tape is a flat tape with .5-1 GPH drippers pre-inserted every 12 inches. It is designed to be laid out above ground to apply water slowly, evenly and directly to root zones of your plants. Vegetable Drip Soaker Tape is an excellent solution for a wide range of vegetable garden layouts.

The Drip and Soaker Tape has extremely uniform water distribution through a unique design of drippers extruded into the tape every 12". It's the most sophisticated watering method available, combining the advantages of drip and soaker irrigation to achieve the most economical way of watering.

Kit Features and Benefits:

Up to 300 sq ft of coverage
Water saving up to 60%
Promotes earlier and longer harvest times
Reduce weeding
Maximum working pressure 25 PSI
Can be expanded up to 300 ft long connecting three kits together
Convenient and easy to install and operate
Simple to maintain
Free Bonus Booklet "How to Plant a Vegetable Garden"
The perfect way to water a vegetable garden. Contains unique drip soaker tape with .8 GPH drippers sonically welded every 12" and all the accessories needed.

Kit contains:

1 - 100' of drip soaker tape
1 - 5' piece of 1/2" poly tube
1 - swivel adapter with screen and flow control
1 - drip and soaker tape connector
5 - drip and soaker tape reducers
1 - Drip and soaker tape connector x 1/2" poly tube
5 - drip and soaker tape ends
1 - end cap for 1/2" poly tube
1 - punch
1 - instruction manual
1 How to Prepare a Vegetable Garden booklet

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