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Garden Drip Kits

Flowerbed Watering Kit
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Garden Drip kit

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The Dig adjustable stake microsprayer kit is a complete system that can be used to water border areas or planters up to 40 ft long or up to 160 sq ft.

Features and Benefits

Complete system, everything included, with 9 sprayers
Includes full circle, half circle and quarter circle microsprayers
Low flow prevents water runoff
Adjustable flow and diameter for total flexibility in your layout
Expandable up to 320 sq. ft.
Easy hookup and installation
Saves time and money compared to conventional sprinkler systems

Kit includes

Two 90 degree and four 180 degree microsprayers on adjustable flow stakes
Two 360 degree adjustable flow sprayers
50 ft. of 1/2 polytubing
Eight 2 ft. lengths of microtubing with 1/4" barbs
One backflow device
One pressure regulator
One swivel adapter
One 1/2" tee
Two 1/4" tee
One punch
Three 1/2" tubing holders
Two hose ends
Two plugs
Instructional manual

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