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Garden Drip Kits

Home and Garden Drip Watering Kit
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Garden Drip kit

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This Home and Garden Drip Watering Kit includes Dig's pressure compensating drippers in a variety of flow rates, various fittings and accessories, and enough tubing to efficiently water up to 150 square feet.

Drippers deliver water directly to the plant roots, resulting in less water lost to evaporation and wind. Your water is used when and where it is needed, maintaining the optimum moisture level in the soil. Drip irrigation products are an excellent solution to many irrigation needs and are easily modified as your landscape grows and changes. Can be expanded up to 1000 sq.ft. by adding additional kits.

Kit highlights:

Easy to install and expand above or below the ground
Conserves water by applying water only where and when needed
Less plant stress provides healthier plants and more abundant growth with earlier blooms
Reduces weeding and pest problems by watering only the plants root zone
Precise watering with 1, 2 and 4 Gallon Per Hour (GPH) pressure compensating drippers for equal flow rates from each dripper at different pressure
Precise drip watering with water savings up to 60%
Eliminates over spray and runoff

Kit contains:

1- Backflow Preventer
1 - 3/4" swivel adapter
1 - 50' 1/2" poly tube
1 - 50' 1/4" micro tube
1 - 1/2" Hose connector
1 - 1/2" tee
20 - 1 GPH drippers (black)
2 - 2 GPH drippers (green)
2 - 4 GPH drippers (red)
3 - 1/2" holder stake
2 - 1/4" tees
2 - 1/4"barbs
1 - 1/4" ball valve
5 - 1/4" micro tube holder stakes
2 - Goof plugs
1 - Hole Punch
2 - Figure 8 Hose ends
1 - Instruction manual.

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