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Garden Drip Kits

Maverick Sprinkler Converter Kit
Price: $14.99

Code: KITPC12100

Garden Drip kit

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The Maverick is easy to install, all parts are included. With this kit you can irrigate a minimum of 4 zones to a maximum of 12 zones with 2 GPH (Gallon per hour) per outlet at operating pressures from 8-80 PSI. The Maverick High Flow kit is ideal for planters, roses, shrubs, trees and ground cover.

The Maverick 12-zone drip head is designed to adapt to any 1/2" riser above or below ground. It may be incorporated into a new system, or used to convert an existing sprinkler to a 12-zone drip system without disturbing the flow of the other sprinklers on the line. The Maverick uses our extremely accurate pressure compensating nozzles ensuring equal flow over a wide pressure range, and is designed to operate for the same duration as the rest of your sprinkler system.

Features and Benefits:

Saves up to 70% over conventional sprinklers
Can be installed above ground or below grade in 6" irrigation box
Micro tubing can be laid above ground or buried
Automatic flushing with every cycle
Can be used with 1/8" or 1/4" microtubing
No pressure regulator needed
Built-in filter

Kit includes:

1-Maverick 12-zone drip head with 2 GPH per zone
8-caps to close any unused zones
12-tubing holder stakes
12- converter barbs
12-bug plugs
100' of 1'8" microtube

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