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Garden Drip Kits

Microsprinkler Watering Kit
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Garden Drip kit

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There are five completely assembled large diameter micro sprinklers with 24" micro-tube and a 12" spike. Each covers up to a 26' diameter with a flow rate of 21 Gallons Per Hour (GPH). They are assembled to cover a 360 degree full circle, and come with inserts for 180 and 90 degree and strip spray coverages. There are also three small diameter spray jets to cover diameters up to 5' using 10 GPH. Your kit comes with all the fittings and accessories to install the system.

A microsprinkler watering kit is used where drippers are not practical, such as ground cover, flowerbeds or oddly shaped area. This microsprinkler watering kit can be used to cover a large planting area where low volume overhead irrigation is desired. This watering method promotes robust growth and healthier plants. This microsprinkler watering kit provides all the benefits of conventional sprinklers but with the added advantages of a low flow watering system and simple, quick installation.

Covers up to 1000 sq ft. and can be expanded to 4000 sq.ft.

Kit highlights:

Save time and labor
Conserves water
Improved erosion control
Two different sizes of micro-sprinklers with 360, 180 and 90 degree patterns with small and large diameters to meet the needs of any layout
Convenient, easy operation and maintenance
Even water distribution
Can be expanded
No tools or glue required
Kit contains:

1 - 3/4" Backflow Preventer
1 - 3/4" adapter
1 - 50' 1/2" poly tube
1 - 1/2" Hose connector
1 - 1/2" tee
3 - 360 degree ray jets on threaded barbs with heads for 180 and 90 degree coverage
5 - 360 degree Micro Sprinklers on spikes with heads for 180, 90 degree and strip coverage
3 - tubing holder stakes
2 - Goof plugs
1 - Hole Punch
2 - Figure 8 Hose ends
1 - Instruction manual
Where and When to Use Microsprinklers:

You will find a wide variety of uses for microsprinklers in your garden. They adapt to a variety of terrains, soil types, climatic condition and irregularly shaped areas.

Existing Gardens:

Microsprinklers will adapt to the needs of your existing gardens. Their installation does not require trenching of your planted areas, and you may choose from a variety of diameters, radii and spray patterns to get the coverage you need.

New Landscape:

Placement of microsprinklers prior to the installation of new landscape helps young seedlings and plants germinate properly. Their fine mist allows air to remain in the soil without drowning young roots.

Densely Planted Areas

In densely planted flower gardens, or areas of groundcover, the installation of a drip system may require closely spaced lines of polytube and drippers. Microsprinklers cover large areas from a single site.


The fine spray of microsprinklers placed at the to or center of a slope reduces run off and prevents erosion.

Irregularly Shaped Areas:

Combine 360 degree microsprinklers placed in the center of your plot with 180 degree, 90 degree or strip spray microsprinklers on the perimeters to get complete coverage.

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