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3/4" Drip Zone Head Assembly
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Code: VALDM075

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3/4" Drip Zone Head Assembly for drip systems connects to most 24 volt irrigation controller and timers to turn your irrigation system on and off automatically, while cleaning the water and reducing the pressure of the system to 25 PSI.

Dig's Drip Zone Head Assembly provides a superior flow performance over a wide range of pressures with low head loss.

Features and Benefits

Professional quality solenoid with encapsulated "O" ring and replaceable tip with low power consumption allows extended wire runs
Internal manual bleed
Direction of water
Pressure regulator body ABS
Stainless Steel 303 spring
Self-cleaning natural rubber diaphragm
Valve body and cover made of nylon reinforced glass
Polyester screen with very good resistance to alkali and bacteria, 155M-100 micron. Periodically remove and rinse screen to keep filter clean.
Flush cap for easy flushing of system
Filter body and cover polypropylene
All-in-one unit to run a drip system from your irrigation controller.


3/4" AC in-line valve with internal bleed
3/4" Filter with 155 mesh screen to trap debris to 100 microns
25 PSI Preset Pressure Regulator
Drip Adapter 3/4" FPT (Female Pipe Thread) X .700 OD (Outside Diameter)
Instruction manual
Please note that this valve assembly does not provide backflow prevention. Please consult your local codes for specifics.

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